Too many improvement categories for one month!!

I am overwhelmed by all the areas of improvement needed, and the plans and schedules needed, and the priorities and prayer lists needed, and the studies and books to be read, and music to be listened to, and memories to make… not to mention all the things that fall under the aforementioned plansand schedules categories!!! oh yeah, and an earlier bed time! and rise time… if I get the previous oen worked out.

is life REALLY this complicated? I mean, come on, do I need to have a schedule for everything? and am I really whining for all the world to see and read, right here on this blog?

OK, so on the PLUS side of everything, I have had a great three days, not getting everything done and meeting every goal… ok, not most of them.  BUT I had A LOT of goals, because I was going to transform into the model homeschool blogger who is organized and spiritual. Don't roll your eyes, girls, cause I know you all fall into the same trap, sometimes, right? 

I started praying scripture prayers for my fabulous husband, who is the BEST, whom I will be married to for 8 years on Tuesday, and then I tweaked them some to pray for my children as well.  FOUR days.  Consistently, before bed.  It is already changing my days.  I have a sore throat, haven't gotten to the gym, gotten less done than I usually do in the house, and cooking wise (and I am not Mrs Housework and Mrs Cook either), and it is been wonderful.  Precious Jesus is giving me HIS eyes and heart for my family.  so though my list of things to do is long, and what is crossed off is short, I am content with what God has gotten done through me this week.  Love.  Lots of it.  Still could be lots more, but even in seeing that, there's no condemnation… just love, and more where that came from.  God is GOOD!

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A place to record my journey of creating a life of balance. First as God's child and bride, "wifing", mothering, homeschooling, leading worship, neighboring, mentoring, teaching piano, and the myriad of other things that clamor for my time and energy. And a place to put pictures to show my family whom I miss incredibly, and who live so very far away from us here in Alaska!! View all posts by reneegrace

8 responses to “Too many improvement categories for one month!!

  • javamamma

    I’m horrible – making my list only as long as I know I can accomplish so I don’t feel like a failure! As for scripture prayers for your family – I think this is a tremendous tool. Have you looked at Stormie O’Martian’s books, “Power of a Praying Wife” and “Power of a Praying Parent”. I love them both – the parent one is newer to me and I love the topics she covers, ones I may not of thought of. Lots of scripture!

  • nsremom

    My anniversary is on Monday!!! But I beat you in years…13 for us. Would you mind mentioning the scriptures you use to pray for your husband? That’s a super idea.

  • EEEEMommy

    Yep, I fall in the same trap too!
    I struggle with balance and swing from extremes.
    As a result, I tend to be undisciplined because the idea of being completely disciplined seems IMPOSSIBLE!
    I try to tell myself, “Baby steps…” but I want immediate sanctification! Sigh!

    It’s good that even if the other things aren’t checked off your list, you’re still accomplishing those with eternal value! God will continue to bless that and you’ll see the other things fall into place as a result.
    “seek first…and all these things will be added…”

  • Anonymous

    Yup, maybe next post I’ll list some scriptures. I just bought the Power of a praying wife, but it hasn’t come yet, and I figured, the praying parent one would be next. Thanks for the comments girls…

    EEEEMommy… right with you. its all or nothing… so usually nothing, after 1-2 days of all. πŸ™‚ yup… BUT I am learning to balance it out. My blog should read “trying to find a life of balance!!! ” – I was pleased to see I had made a good choice the last few days… not that it takes brain surgery, but nobody walking in (oops – do I hear pride?) my house can SEE my prayer time in the morning!!

    I have a SMALL routine… and I am slowly slowly (teeny baby steps) adding to it. Stop back in a day or two, and I’ll have the Scriptures and book information and such.

  • ReneeM

    that was me, Renee up there!! πŸ™‚ Just forgot to log in, sorry!

  • kindredspiritMom

    I have had many (okay pretty much all) of the same thoughts this week. Is life really supposed to be so complicated? Did God create schedules? He seems to desire a certain discipline in seeking Him, but is it inherently godly to be “organized” and scheduled? Or is it something that our culture has decided is the way to “optimize” our lives? Am I just questioning because I’d like not to be scheduled? Why do I feel so guilty when I don;t have a neat list of goals to follow? What do you think ? πŸ™‚ How’s that for baring myself on YOUR blog!!!! BTW, I was supposed to create my new and improved schedule for the week tonight, and so far my husband and I are watching the food network and I’m blogging during a commercial πŸ™‚

  • Cre8iveMom

    I enjoyed reading your entry, and yes, I can relate!


  • Jimmie

    Okay, Renee, here’s the scoop. Go to Sign up for a FREE account. Upload pictures to your account. Then under each picture you’ve uploaded there will be a URL. When you want to put pictures in your entries, you just click the add image button (has a tree on it) and paste in that URL. Voila! You can also use those URLs for your template stuff. The beauty of photobucket is that the limit is way huge compared to what HSB gives us. πŸ™‚ There are TONS of photo hosting sites out there. You can do a search on free image hosting and find many others. But I can say that photobucket is well respected and I like it. HTH.

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